Don't find something you like? We can tailor make a show to your themes, ideas and specifications!

MJ Show

The Authentic Spirit of Michael Jackson is most definitely alive as we take you through the ages of an artist that shaped the music world as we know it, for generations to come.

The Kylie Show

Kylie Show

Kylie Fans are you ready? The Australian Kylie Show is here! Every aspect of Kylie's show's have been replicated to perfection, including costumes from her live performances, gorgeous male and female dancers, awesome choreography, fabulous music, and most importantly….the closest thing to Kylie you'll find!!

The Robbie Williams Experience

Louie Lee Feltrin is proud to present a tribute to the ultimate modern day show man, Robbie Williams.

Emily Ryan (German Wheel)

Emiy Captivates the undivided attention of a crowd as she quite literally takes people's breath away with the precision and skill of this exhilarating act ! She has performed at many high profile corporate events around the world in countries including the US, Mexico, Qatar, Portugal, Turkey and Malaysia and has also been on television as a stunt double and featured extra and worked as a sports model. Also using her acrobatic talents to promote numerous products/brands.

Burlesque / Circus themed Show

When you marry, character, vauderville sass, spectacular and breath taking skill, the result is pure entertainment bliss. Sass meets comedy in this 12-15 minute extravaganza and encorporates music ranging from traditional burlesque right through to Robert Palmer's 'simply irresistable'. It has the sex appeal of Gold Finger and James Bond, and a cracking heart pounding Can Can number to blow your socks off and leave the crowd cheering for more!!

Rio Carnival Show

Using top elite Melbourne artists direct from “Dancing with the stars” and “Silvers Circus”, this action packed 20 minute show is sure to not only captivate an audience with their amazing talents but with leave them with a surge of powerful enthusiam to want to wiggle their hips themselves!!.

Skaters Show

Australia's largest and most original group of professional rollerskaters.

They can add flare to any event, promotion or stage production. Straight from Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical STARLIGHT EXPRESS They definitely grab attention!!

The Gypsy Gomez Show

From Argentina, hula hoops as you have never seen before. Gypsy Gomez spins hula hoops all over her body while walking on a giant mirror ball. For a finale Gypsy catches and spins 50 hula hoops, an Australian record! and with showmanship second to none. With more than fifteen years experience, Gypsy Gomez has thrilled audiences all over the world from Argentina to Manila to Japan to Monte Carlo.One of a kind, this world class act has to be seen to be believed!

The P!nk Show

Starring Susi Tate as P!nk, 'The P!nk Show' combines the colour and excitement of P!nk's 'Funhouse' tour with the rock edge of P!nk's 'I'm Not Dead' tour. 'The P!nk Show' is the most realistic P!nk experience to be had without seeing P!nk herself.....BUT you may leave thinking you just did!

Circus Trick Tease

Circus Trick Tease is a raunchy, raucous & entertaining collection of misfits including a maladjusted strongman, his neurotic female compatriot & their international star. Together, they play out their chaotic roles in dazzling displays of acrobatics, precarious balances & gratuitous headstands.

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    From Concept to production, we can create a dazzling entertainment Experience……

    From the tradional to the abstract or completely innovative, we have a vast experience of what works and a Huge profile of the best entertainers in the industry. You can trust us To create an experience to remember!!


    Introduce or publicise your company in the best possible way with entertainment concepts tailor made to show off your product. From a simple leaflet distribution to character meet and greets, to full scale productions. Our talented and vivacious artists and staff are all hand picked. We will only cast the right people for the job with personality, skills and know how to make that point of difference For your event.

    Rolling Stock Events specialise in providing meet and greet / mix and mingle performers to bring your event quite literally to life! Our Actors, dancers, Models, Skaters, and circus performers bring essential atmosphere and entertainment to your event and we can cater to any theme.